Point Break Drama's 2014 Production, A Midsummer Night's Dream

Point Break Drama’s 2014 Production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Point Break Drama is casting an all teen / young adult production of  Shakespeare’s The Tempest. Point Break’s productions are innovative and placed in contemporary settings to make them more accessible to the audience. Auditions are on Sat 29th July. Click on link below for all production information. Please read carefully before applying.

“A tale of revenge, redemption, personal growth, hatred, love, slavery and – ultimately – coconuts.

Prospero’s quest for vengeance is obsessive, blinding him to his own short-sighted – and cynical view of the world. Through his love for his daughter – and his increasing awareness of his treatment of both Ariel and Caliban – he comes to an understanding of not only a humanist world view, but also of himself.”

Click here for all dates / Production info/ how to apply!  –  https://pointbreakdrama.com.au/about/macbeth-audition-information/