The idea of becoming an ‘actor’ is a childhood dream for many, and very few people get the opportunity to actually experience it.  It’s something that takes an incredible amount of time and effort toward gaining & enhancing particular skills; skills that captivate an audience, and allow them to identify a part of their own humanity through the actor.

Acting is something that not everyone can just do, it’s incredibly competitive, and even past the competitive stage of besting the other talent, the amount of work put in to ‘owning’ a part takes a gruelling amount of time.

Acting schools should focus on enhancing particular skills essential to finding success as an actor, among them are:

  • Captivating Charisma- An actor has to be able to make the audience feel his/her actions without seemingly doing anything. He/She has to draw an audience in and keep them interested. He/ she has to have a way about his movements and speech( and look), that can not only communicate effectively, but allow an audience to identify themselves through the character.
  • Confidence- Confidence is everything. An actor must have confidence in their ability so they can take the character to interesting & challenging places.  A lack of confidence can lead to disaster very quickly.
  • Intelligence- When assigned a role and actor must be able to analyse, picture & imagine the role, conceptualise, and ‘become’ that part.  It isn’t just acting after a while; it’s living the part.
  • Versatility- The ability to tackle a wide variety of roles will only enhance an actor’s Chance at success.  By being able to capture the essence of various characters, you will be in a better position to win that prized role.

Acting schools take the time to build these skills, and enhance them so they eventually become second nature. An acting school should be able to hone and deliver these points to a high level of skill, so actors have the best chance at achieving their goals in a very challenging profession.