Point Break Drama is a superlative place to learn and develop acting skills. Adam and Paul have created a school that provides each and every student, no matter their age or ability, with the confidence to further their ability in every sphere of the acting craft whether they are participating as a hobby or with one eye on a career as an actor. I have always particular enjoyed the environment in which they work; not only is it is relaxed and friendly, which encourages creativity, but also focused and determined with education at it’s fundamental core. I cannot recommend the school and the opportunities they provide more highly. I hold everyone involved with Point Break Drama in the highest regard.

Leigh Pickford – Casting Agent at Maura Fay


Whenever paul recommends a teenage actor from Point Break Drama, I know that I won’t be disappointed. The training and the skills they learn, make them ready for the entertainment industry.

Sophie Bray – Formerly Agent Encompass Junior


Here at Starfish Kids Talent Agency we are constantly asked for reputable drama schools. Point break drama are always at the top of our list as we know our members are going to be nurtured & grow as performers under the professional guidance of Paul. He has an eye for talent & always maintains high standards of learning in a highly motivated & enthusiastic environment

Michelle & Hannah- Starfish Kids


The teaching standards and dedication of the staff are absolutely first class. I have learned so much about the different techniques required to bring about truthful acting. Point Break Drama gave me the confidence to audition and perform with other Theatre companies. The camera courses opened up a raft of opportunities for me.

Annabel Cotton- Actor & Mum


At Point Break Drama the teachers are understanding, professional and very friendly and the variety of courses is endless. I have learnt so much about what is required in the entertainment industry and this vital information has allowed me to achieve both long term and short term goals. Whether it’s just for fun or a lifelong dream, Point Break Drama guides you in the direction you want to go down.

Rebecca Elder-16yrs


The teachers and classes at Point Break Drama are always addressing new challenges and pushing you further then you thought you could ever go. All students of Point Break have been given endless opportunities to show what they can do, from performing each term in front of an audience, to different workshops with Prolific casting agents.

Emily O’Connell – Teen Actor


All three of my children have been coached at point break drama for nearly 5 years. Between them they have acted in 10 short films, TVC’s, and television shows. Paul’s teaching along with Adam has borne much experience for them and given them confidence like nothing else, they both have a serving hearts toward the children.

Stephen Bennett- Parent


The teaching at Point Break Drama is a great combination of disciplined skill training and attention to personal development ambitions. The journey through acting 1, 2 and 3 is a strong development path. Most recently, it was an absolute privilege to work with Paul Winchester in Acting 3 rehearsals that took us all the way to compete in the Short and Sweet short play festival with a very demanding and ambitious monologue – and we won the day. You can bet that Paul’s coaching, teaching and encouragement will get you to best performance you can deliver.

Ursula Paddon Sales & marketing- Acting 1, 2, 3, 4, Acting for Camera & Film-making


Point Break Drama’s Film Making Course has been an inspirational, and an engaging insight into the world of producing a film. The experience has given me a thorough introduction into the film production process from script to story-boarding, through to castings and logistics. The culmination of the experience was a full day on-set (including acting in a lead role!) and we all have an excellent short film to show for our effort. I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in gaining theoretical knowledge and real-world skills in the film making industry.

Bradley Hook Graphic Designer – Film Making Course


As a young actor, this course has provided me with exactly what I need, good teachers who are there both to help you develop your skills and to just show you a good time, and other actors who in turn have also helped me learn how to develop my own skills….. I did try other acting schools first but no others could offer the diversity, fun, experience, teachers, talent or, of course, the end of term performance….If you have a budding young actor who can not stop performing, singing or are just plainly to energetic, Point Break Drama will channel these talents and energy into an incredible acting program. I am not going to stop until the age limit makes me leave.

Grant Hogan 15 years – student


The first time I went to Point Break Drama acting studio, I was nine and a little awkward. I didn’t know anyone. From the moment I entered the room, other kids immediately talked to me as though we had been friends for years. I was so comfortable. This type of supportive environment was vital to making me feel I was in the right place. Along with the the devoted passion of the incredible acting teachers, to dig deeper, try harder and to never be afraid to learn through trial and error, I became a highly skilled and confident performer. 5 years later, I’m someone completely different with acting techniques and experiences the nine year old me would never have dreamed of. Thank you Point Break Drama.

Lily Maud – Horton  15 yrs


I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I think you’ve done such an amazing job in building up Point Break Drama. You have so much energy, I honestly don’t know how you do it! Watching the kids last night it was really clear to me how your effective your teaching methods are and that you’ve got great staff around you. I know I’ve always got so much out of any course I’ve done at Point Break, and to see so many kids having such a great time and performing so well, I think you deserve a bloody big pat on the back. You really should be proud of the school you’ve created and the part it’s played in so many peoples’ lives.

Annabel Cotton – Actor, Student & Mum