Maeve Cox World Monologue Final – Former full time Point Break Drama student Maeve Cox has successfully made it through the regionals to represent Australia in the World Monologue Games Globals finals.

Only four representatives from the Aust/NZ regional final are progressing to compete against 12 other Global finalists. The final 12 are 4 Australians, 4 from the UK representing Europe including one from Albania, 4 South Africans representing the African Sub Continent. One from Syria, One from Pakistan, One from Brazil and One from the USA.

Maeve says “its been incredible to watch all the other performers from across the globe with so many different accents and so many new interesting pieces, I really feel like I am a part of a global community of young actors now”. 

The Global Finals will be held online on October 24th at 9.30pm LIVE and you can vote for Maeve!!

Once all the performances are finished then a link to vote for your favorite performers (x2) will be made available in the comments section below the YouTube video and will be available for 48 hours.

The winners are based on a judging panel as well as Audience votes with The votes from the audience acting as ONE judge.

Please watch her performance and vote for Maeve in this amazing event.

Youth (Main + Sprint)Our Youth competitors are aged 12-17. We have combined the Main (60-150s) and Sprint (45-60s) Categories for this event.Sat 24 Oct, 9:30pm AEST


NB you may only vote once as attempts to vote more than once could cause disqualifications. And do not send the link to the voting form out as this is against the rules. Please only vote once. If you vote multiple times, your votes will be removed and you could hurt her chances of winning.
Attached below:

Congratulations Maeve from all at Point Break!!

Maeve attended acting at Point Break and still participates in productions.

Teen Drama Classes at Point Break that Maeve attended.

List Of World Wide Finalists

  • Maeve Cox, Australia
  • Callum Treanor, Australia
  • Igor Ejmont, Australia
  • Ellie Stafford, Australia
  • Kate Storey, United Kingdom
  • Ilirian Bushi, United Kingdom
  • Ruby Wilson, United Kingdom
  • Victoria Mokumo, United Kingdom
  • Ruan Botha, South Africa
  • Blyde Schoeman, South Africa
  • Jan-Rudolf Britz, South Africa
  • Estee-Mari Smit, South Africa
  • Yahyaa Khan, Pakistan
  • Sami Hatem, Syria
  • Cecília Veras, Brazil
  • Peter Sansky-Traficanti, United State