Paul Winchester & Annabel Cotton

Paul Winchester & Annabel Cotton

It’s with much sadness and pride that we bid Hamlet farewell last night. I am so very proud of every one involved – and what we achieved together…..Thank you to all those friends and Family who supported us and actually came along. You will not be forgotten.

To the Cast and Crew I have nothing but eternal thanks and admiration. You made my job easier as Producer and Actor.

Thank you Kelly Banek, Charlotte Hazzard, Caitlin Diaz, Rhys Gïllmer, Michael McCrannJude McCrann, Dana Brierley, Annabel Cotton, Brittany Garagounis, Liesbeth Ramondt, Alex Graham, Joshua Emmelkamp, Xanthe Jeffrey.

Thank you to Becky Lacey, Jack Powell, Zac, Kahli Wolf, Marisa Newnes, Pymble Players, Erwin Lovero, Justin Banks for amazing music and film editing, Simon Carter, Emily O’ConnellAdam Stewart, Ellen Trimble, Taylor Sheahan, Tim Pace, Kevin Lacey, Matt Charleston,Greg Stigter, Newlife Baptist Church and all who helped this come to life!

To Blair Cutting, what an amazing job as Director- an inspiration to all!!!

Adieu Hamlet….Adieu