If you’re running out of ideas & ways to get the kids active, or contribute to the house chores during this time, try some drama games to play in isolation. Below are activities to provide fun for the whole family, and give parents some extra help around the house!!  

In isolation are you starting to feel like you’re on an episode of Survivor? The grey hairs are sprouting, your active wear is considered formal attire and PJ’s smart casual? Your kids think showers are a Saturday sport! You can’t get them off technology and the house resembles the tip?  

Try a few of these drama games to play in isolation to spice things up, relieve boredom, get kids more active, explore their creativity & get some assistance with house – hold chores.  Here’s a Drama for Kids Cheat Sheet. 

Drama Games to Play in Isolation

Game 1

Emotion Detective (How to get kids cleaning without them knowing)

Tools: Nothing needed. Players: 2+

  • Pick 1 family member to play detective. 
  • The rest of the family decide on an emotion. Don’t tell the detective. (Let’s say angrily)
  • The detective then orders the family to do things around the house 

Pick up the popcorn from the ground. The family does this action angrily. Set the table. The family does this action angrily. Pretend your a rock band. Throw in a fun option to put them off the cleaning scent. The group rocks out angrily.  

The detective then has to guess the exact emotion. Younger children might get three chances to guess the exact emotion. Are you guys mad? Are you guys deranged? Are you guys acting completely normal? If the detective gets it right, they stay in for the next round. If wrong you swap with another team member for round 2.  

Game 2

Dinner Table Tale (How to get your kids to talk)

Tools: Nothing Players: 2+

As a family, you can only say 1 word at a time to build a story

  • Oldest picks a theme. Eg:  Action, Horror, Fairytale, musical, futuristic etc
  • Mum or Dad pick a character to feature in the story eg: Blob-man, Cinderella, Astronaut Bob, The Rock etc
  • Youngest starts…”Once” next person “Upon” next person  “a” etc… “Time”

Say the first word that pops into your head. Build sentences that make sense “one word at a time”. Then start new sentences. Try to build a story that has a beginning, middle & an end. Keep it going till the story finds a natural conclusion.  

Advanced Level: If someone says “um” or pauses for 3 secs, they sit out until the next game.    

Game 3:

Physical Eye Spy (aka how to get your kids to exercise)

Tools: Ideally place exercise equipment around the room, ball, rope, weights, yoga mat. Players: 2+

  • Pick one Object Detective.This person stands away from the group, covers their ears, shuts their eyes and sings to themselves. 
  • The group looks around the room and decides on an object that they will all mime using. Say “skipping rope”.
  • The detective proceeds to walk around the room trying to find the object. If the detective is close to the object the family exaggerates the mime / speeds up. If they are far away from the object the group does slow and smaller movements going towards super slow motion the further away they go.

The detective gets one guess. If wrong they are chased by the group. The first one to tag the detective is the new detective.   

Game 4:

Make Believe. (How to get some free self-care services for free)

Nothing works better then role play. Choose a character and a scenario ie Mum at the hairdressers. Children love it – and parents can get free services from them without them even knowing. 

  • E.G. Grab your old left over creams, oils, then suggest that you play a game called “Beauty Salon” 
  • Have your child give you a hand massage (in character of course). Whilst you receive a free treatment talk about your lives, money issues, gossip in “character”.
  • Remember to don on a costume, put on an accent and play your part with conviction, to encourage your children to do the same. Hopefully the house will be spotless at the end of this game.
  • Each person should choose a different role play character and scenario

Examples of Role plays / props to help around the home. 

Cleaners. (Especially with a duster or a broom)

Gardener. (Wheel Barrow and de-weed tool, anything to make it look fun)

Nail Technician (Have your nail polish ready and tools, remover, buds)

Butler. (Make tea, cookies, have a bell you can ring)

Pet Groomer. (Bath, Bubbles, breath sticks, towel, brush “Poochy-Woochy” needs a pampering session too)

Hairdresser. (Grab a brush, clips, hair chalk, Hairspray)

Carwash VIP Service. (Bucket, suds, old sponge)    

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