Advanced Youth Acting (11-17 yrs)

Teen Drama for Advanced students

The advanced Acting course for teens, is specifically designed for those that have a passion, drive & an enthusiasm for Acting. The course is only open to those with previous experience, and all students must pass through the audition process to gain a place in this course. Auditions are held twice a year.

All students must attend 80% of all classes and be prepared to make a two-term commitment. Please take time to consider your own circumstances carefully before auditioning for the course.

This class is recognition of talent and dedication by the participants, but cannot be taken as a stand-alone class. All participants must make a commitment to Point Break Drama, and agree to continue in at least one other Youth acting class, at Point Break Drama to qualify.


In more detail students will:

  • Learn the circles of attention
  • Explore the power of the imagination
  • Learn emotional/sensory memory recall
  • commit to thorough character research
  • learn various techniques from Stanislavski, Strasberg & Uta Hagen
  • workshop scenes and/or monologues most weeks to practice technique
  • learn basic movement techniques to develop character like Laban
  • complete character breakdown and back-story
  • perform in a short play at the completion of each semester(two performances a year)


I have been doing this Advanced Youth Acting class for a semester now, and have got so much out of it. We have really worked hard in this class but at the same time we are having fun and enjoying discovering new ways to play a scene or new acting techniques that we can use to enhance a scene and make it believable. For the first term of this semester we worked on acting technique and script work as well as using drama games to improve our focus. In the second term we started work on our two performance pieces for the end of the year. Working on these pieces has been very rewarding and i am looking forward to being a part of the final product. The advanced youth drama class has taught me so much and really enabled me to improve my acting skills.

Rising Star Caitlin Diaz

TIMES:MON 6pm-8pm
Auditions for 2nd semester end of June(call Point Break)
(see class schedule for start date)
DURATION:10 weeks
COST:$355 ($100 deposit) – 2 courses included
To be paid in full at commencement of course please.
LOCATION:Point Break Drama Studios – 28 Fisher Road, Dee Why NSW 2099
(New Life Baptist Church Hall)

* wear loose comfortable clothes and bring pen and paper.