Childrens Drama Classes Northern Beaches

Childrens Drama Classes Northern Beaches Childrens Drama Classes Northern Beaches: Have you ever been confused about which way to go when choosing an acting school for your child? With a proliferation of kids Drama courses many parents ask that question. In any major city there are many drama studios to choose from, so its always a difficult decision.

Childrens Drama Classes Northern Beaches

A  great place to start, is to look at the schools reputation, speak to friends and  locals. Ask if  they know about the school. Eventually you’ll find someone you know that has a child going to the school to get some feedback.

Secondly you must read about the the acting tutors the studio has, and what experience and expertise they bring to the table to make an informed decision. If your looking for legitimate acting tuition for your child, you won’t find it at many schools because staff can be Mums, ex or present day school teachers with little or no understanding of acting technique.

Teaching “Acting” is a highly specialized area, even when children are concerned. Acting classes are best taught by professional actors with teaching experience, or acting teachers so if you can find a school like that take a close look.

Probably most importantly is look at the acting studios philosophies and goals. Some Kids Drama schools provide “Drama classes” that nurture and encourage creativity , but don’t go much further with educating and providing students with ongoing acting training programs. This is a big problem for kids enjoying the classes, because  after a year or so they may feel they have gone as far as they can go.

Acting studios or schools that provide structured acting programs taught by actors are the best childrens Drama classes. These classes will still nurture and encourage Children’s creativity, but kids will also learn acting technique from those that use it in their profession on a daily basis. Unfortunately primary & high school drama teachers generally don’t understand acting techniques, like Stanislavski, Uta Hagen & Meisner.

In Sydney there are many great acting schools / studios. The most reputable and experienced acting school for Childrens drama classes northern beaches, is Point Break Drama acting Studio. Point Break Drama  offer classes for  stage and screen for Kids, Teens and adults. They regularly have performance evenings and put on productions ,and provide children with the best acting coaches from an array of actors.

Article by Bob Barrett

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