Acting 3 – Technique clarified

Acting 3 play - The Kiss

Building on acting techniques explored so far in the acting beginners program, this acting class will offer students the opportunity to fully consolidate their new found acting skills – in the study, rehearsal & performance of a short play.

TERM 2 will focus on the rehearsal and presentation of an English Sketch Comedy show. This will be lots of fun and challenging. Learn how to make comedy work and get the laughs!


In more detail:

  • The Importance & relevance of the First Reading of a play
  • In-depth Script Analysis – How to glean all significant information from script. Breaking down script into Units.
  • Building & developing a role from the skeleton through to a multi- faceted characterisation
  • Creating appropriate back-story for character
  • Understanding the importance of research
  • The use of techniques previously touched on- Emotional / sensory memory recall, substitution & creative visualisation
  • Understanding & creating the throughline of thought
  • The Super Objective and implementation.
  • Learning Dialogue correctly & accurately
  • Effective use of Voice & Movement on stage
  • How to mark- up script
  • Taking direction
  • Enhanced understanding of stage craft
  • the presentation of play for audience of family & friends.
  • Taught professional actor


The teaching at Point Break Drama is a great combination of disciplined skill training and attention to personal development ambitions. The journey through acting 1, 2 & 3 is a strong development path. Most recently, it was an absolute privilege to work with Paul Winchester in Acting 3 rehearsals that took us all the way to compete in the Short and Sweet short play festival, with a very demanding and ambitious monologue – and we won the day! You can bet that Paul’s coaching, teaching and encouragement will get you to best performance you can deliver.

Ursula Paddon (Sales & marketing- Acting 1,2,3,4 & Acting for Camera & filmaking)


TIMES:WED 7pm-10pm
(see class schedule for start date)
DURATION:10 weeks
COST:$380 ($100 deposit required)
To be paid in full at commencement of course please.
LOCATION:Point Break Drama Studios – 28 Fisher Road, Dee Why NSW 2099
(New Life Baptist Church Hall)

* wear loose comfortable clothes and bring pen and paper.