Caitlin Diaz

Caitlin Diaz

Caitlin Diaz commenced training at Point Break Drama Acting School in 2009, after searching long and hard for a school  that could broaden her acting skills, provide her with challenges and help her reach new levels in performance.

She spotted the Point Break Drama Scholarship, and decided to have a go, she narrowly missed the full scholarship and was awarded runner up (08).

Prior to Point Break Drama, Caitlin had studied for 5 years with Helen O’Grady Drama Academy, this is when she realised her love for acting, it was what she wanted to pursue.

Caitlin has definately been challenged, and  her talent has developed alot during her time At with Point Break drama. This has been largely thanks to the guidance and dedication of her tutors (also professional actors), Paul Winchester, Adam Stewart and Matt Charleston along with her drive to succeed.

Caitlin has participated in many courses, and has also jumped at the opportunity to complete a number of speciality master classes, that have been on offer.  She has been fortunate, to be recognised with numerous awards during her time at Point Break Drama, including  Actor of the month for a second time.

She has also been privileged to serve as Vice Captain of Drama (2010) and Captain of Drama(2011) for  Point Break Drama, this was a great experience and gave her the chance to give back and support other members.  Caitlin has progressed to the adult section of Point Break and looks forward to what comes next.


Caitlin comments on her time at Point Break Drama acting School:

Point Break Drama has given me so many opportunities to perform,  from being in plays to  original works like “One Press of a Button”, to performances with Warringah Council for the Children’s Festival of Literature, and creating short films in camera class.  I have learn’t so much from script analysis to improvisation- we are always moving forward, developing new skills and discovering new ways to work with a script or improve a scene.  Importantly, I find that Point Break Drama challenges me to be my best, and I see this through my performance.

Caitlin’s skills stretch past acting, she is also a talented singer having lessons since 2008, she particularly loves to perform the jazz genre and has completed numerous solo performances.  Caitlin currently holds the position of Yr12 Creative Arts Prefect and Liturgical Ensemble leader for her school.  She is completing both Drama and Music for her HSC this year, her experience and learning at Point Break drama has definately complimented, and assisted her with her school studies.

During her time with Point Break Drama, Caitlin has gained an agent and has received paid work.  She is currently represented by Encompass Entertainment, and has received fantastic casting opportunities including US & Aust produced feature movies and series, STC productions, TV commercials and photographic modelling.

Caitlin was successful in landing a guest role in the ABC drama series, Crownies, Mazda CX-9 commercial, Nickelodeon Slime & Slime promo and photographic work with SA Motor Commission and Luna Park.


Caitlin Diaz on casting:

It’s takes time and dedication to prepare and attend castings, it is so worth all the effort when you are able to land the role. Being on set is just great, each time has extended me and taught me more about the industry”.


Caitlin also actively pursues opportunities to gain experience of her own accord and has to date completed 5 short films produced by Metro screen, UTS Broadway, Int’l Film sch and Uni of Syd. In four of these films, Caitlin attained lead roles.  The film Naked Lady went to the LA Shorts Film and WOW Festivals. The Cascades, which was produced/directed by her friend, Emily O’Connell also of PB, received runner up for 2012 Tropfest Jr.  She has also completed three video productions, one for Talumande Youth Services and the others were leads in a couple of music videos.


I have learn’t so much at Point Break Drama and I know that there is always more to learn, you never stop learning in this industry.  I hope by continuing to work hard that I will be able to achieve my goals.

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