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Absolutely Fantastic, I went and saw Point Break Drama’s all Teen production of Shakespeare’s, As you Like it and it was nothing short of incredible . It had me in stiches the entire time. I laughed, I cried and I got angry as the magnificent cast took me on an emotional roller coaster for 2 hours.

Some part of me wished there was never an interval, as I was hooked from the moment the lights went up. Lead players, Kate Lawler (Rosalind) and Patrick Parker (Orlando), were just superb.  You could feel the affection between the two of them swarm the room.

While the 2 leads were fantastic, there were a few for me that really seemed to shine. Jemma Newlyn who played Corin and Molly McCrann who played Duke Senior, both played their roles perfectly for comic relief. Whenever either of them went on stage, I was immediately in tears with witty costumes and downright outrageous accents. They showed that you don’t have to play the lead role to make everyone notice you.

Director Blair Cutting and Paul Winchester, easily redefine the definition of a Dynamic Duo. The passion of Blair Cutting and the professionalism of Paul Winchester coincide perfectly with each other, to lead the perfect cast to produce the perfect show. As the show came to a close and the lights went down, the smile on the cast was gleaming as I could tell they were proud of the show they had delivered together as a family, and I can certainly agree that they did create a perfect show.

J Emmelkamp