Acting is one of those artistic fields that demands an intense level of dedication, learning, and time if you want to have a career in this industry.

Despite what others may tell you, it is possible to have a career in acting whether that is theatre, television, or movies. If you have the passion, dedication, and commitment you can make it in this industry and achieve all of your acting dreams. However, you also need to learn these skills first and there is none better in Sydney to teach you everything you need to know than Point Break Drama Acting School.

If you want to learn from the best then this is the place you need to start. You will learn all the fundamental skills that will help you develop to your full acting potential, regardless of which platform you aspire to work in. Our professional actors will be able to guide you through everything you need to learn, making sure that your individual strengths are expressed and developed.

The great thing about our acting workshops is the manner in which they are facilitated. They are all conducted in a positive and fun environment where learning is highly encouraged by both staff and fellow students. This form of workshop learning allows for students to learn from each other as well in a constructive environment where students can develop to their full potential.

There is a range of acting workshops that will help you begin your acting career such as:

  • Leigh Pickford Audition Preparation Masterclass
  • Drama Games/Improvisation
  • Shakespeare On The Go!
  • Autumn Holiday Acting Intensive

All of these workshops are designed so that you learn all the skills that will help you become a great actor. You can put your trust in the hands of the professional actors at Point Break Drama Acting School who all have experience working in this industry. All acting workshops Sydney are conducted to the highest level to bring the best out in any student.

Call us today on 0412 676 367 and begin the career you’ve always dreamed about.