Sydney, are your kids budding actors who are looking to expand their dramatic range or comedic timing, but you just haven’t found the right acting workshops in Sydney? Or, are they beginners who are interested in taking acting classes, but you just don’t know where to begin your search? Available for the beginner who is interested in learning the basics or the advanced student interested in film, television, stage, and screen roles, Point Break Drama Acting School acting workshops in Sydney have you covered. Take a look at just some of the options available.

Young Children

In the Child Acting workshop, which is an introductory course aimed at kids from 7-9 years old, the children learn the basics of performance through improvisation, creative play and teamwork, among other methods. They will develop self-confidence, expand their creative abilities, and even rehearse and perform scripted work. What a great confidence builder for your kids!

Pre-teens and Young Teens

For children who are a bit older, the Teen Drama course, geared for the 10-13 year old age range, introduces the basics of the Stanislavski technique. This course covers many aspects of the acting craft, including effective use of the stage, script breakdown and analysis, voice and movement, improvisation, and how to effect change in the other actor(s). This course is ideal for the beginning actor.

Older Teens

Ideal for kids between the ages of 14 and 17, this Teen Drama course covers the same aspects covered by the 10-13 year old class, but, of course, it is for older students. This is also a great beginner’s course that will prepare your kids for the advanced classes.

Once your kids pass the beginner’s course, they can move on to Point Break Drama Acting School’s advanced acting workshops in Sydney. Classes such as Advanced Youth Drama, Teen Screen 1 and Teen Screen 2 will introduce your children to advanced acting techniques, and introduce them to the audition process. With such a well-rounded curriculum geared toward your child’s love of acting, there is no reason to keep looking for acting workshops in Sydney. Lights, camera, action!