Annabel Cotton in short film, " The Reading"
Acting Technique

Point Break Drama Course content, is based on elements of several acting techniques including Stanislavski, Meisner & Uta Hagen.  We believe acting technique can be learned by anybody who wants to learn.

All acting classes are practically based, so students get to experience what the teachings intended. Our part-time courses cater for young and old and offer many benefits to the student.


Point Break Drama’s Mission Statement

The Stanislavski acting technique has inspired our mission Statement:


We want actors to bring their own individual experiences to any given role that they play, avoiding cliché. Therefore making their interpretation have originality and humanity. If actors connect with their imagination and use their own life experience they will truly become truthful and convincing actors.



What Was Stanislavski’s legacy?

Constantin Stanislavski has probably had the greatest influence on acting, & acting technique the world has ever seen. His system and techniques are used by almost every performer we see on screen or stage today and remains the only comprehensive documented theory on acting. Almost every acting technique used today has its origins somewhere in Stanislavski.

Stanislavski spent most of his life testing and re-testing his theories on acting technique, at the Moscow Art Company and has produced a trilogy of books, which have become the actor’s bible. They are “An Actor Prepares”, “Building a Character” and “Creating a Role”.


Point Break Drama’s Courses

All Point Break Drama acting courses and classes are part-time, but offer students a taste of what it is like to be a full-time actor. The benefits from learning acting technique are many and varied. Some of these include public speaking, improved self-confidence, great release and escape from day to day stress, and of course having a huge amount of fun along the way.