The Tempest Character Breakdown

The Tempest

Tempest Character Breakdown:


Prospero (male/female – 20-25) Sings

Wants to be seen as master of his / her craft. Many years in isolation have given Prospero time to become a fully – fledged magician who can at will conjure and control all around him. Prospero secretly yearns to go home – master plan is to get back to Milan, while obtaining repentance from those responsible for his and Miranda’s banishment – however, he is continually struggling against his lust for revenge, which he fights to control. Sings rock anthem for Epilogue.

Ferdinand (male – 15-19)

Alonso’s son. Spoilt brat, idolises his father, dresses like Alonso – desperate to live up to father’s expectations. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth – sense of entitlement. When everything’s taken away from him is lost – until he meets Miranda.

Miranda (female – 15-18)

Innocent, untouched by the cruel realities of the real world. Her “cruelty” to Caliban only parrots what she see’s her father do. Love for Ferdinand when it happens is pure. Admires and loves her father.

Caliban – (Male / female 12- 17) Sings rough

Physicality reflects brutal treatment by Prospero (Hunched over in fear of being beaten). Full of hatred and resentment, but also has a very sensitive and creative

Side. Has a great love of all Nature. Sees himself as rightful owner of island.

Alonso (male/female – 15-23)

CEO of Naples Inc. Hard-nosed businessman (think Rupert Murdoch), career-driven, focussed exclusively on business – “loss” of Ferdinand forces him to reassess his entire approach to life.

Antonio (male/female – 15-20)

Head of – in charge after hostile takeover, which removed his brother Prospero. Tech/gadget-obsessed – ruthless, Machiavellian – has let business subsume his natural humanity.

Stephano – (Male / female 11-16) Sings rough

Wannabe celebrity chef. Sings pub song badly. Delusions of grandeur – thinks he’s Jamie Oliver. Holds his liquor well – is drunk when we first meet him, but doesn’t get any drunker. Takes it for granted that he’s destined to rule the island – it’s his birthright.

Ariel – (Female 11-16) Sings

Feisty, wanting to please, but running out of patience with Prospero.

Flighty – finds it hard to focus on direct orders from Prospero, and can be resentful when forced to follow instructions. Sings to mesmerize, enrapture & captivate. Sings Alicia Keys style (song New York).

Gonzalo – (male / female 15 -23)

Successful old school businessman. Has made his/her money in biodynamic farming. Dressed white suit, thongs, and blue sunglasses. Practices meditation, is thrilled to be on island, away from the modern world. His/her constant positive outlook irritates fellow castaways.

Sebastian (male/female – 15-20)

Antonio’s PA – basic bootlicker – subliminally-obsessed with Antonio. Slimey, backstabbing, tech-geek. Secretly harbours ambition to take over and go global.

Trinculo – (male / female 11-15) Sings rough

Alonso’s press secretary/ spin – doctor. Sings pub song badly. Try’s to put a positive spin on everything, but at heart has a sadistic streak and is a mean drunk. When things get tough he clings to Stephano. Is ultimately driven by fear and a need to control.

Adrian / Master– (male/ female 11-16)

Alonso’s personal trainer. Constantly tries to encourage Alonso to work out – “healthy body, healthy mind” (Richard Simmons). Highly-motivated – a motivator – annoying.

Francisco – (male/female 11-16)

Journo. Always comes along to report on Alonso’s overseas trips – favourably, of course. Has to get creative on the island when modern technology fails.

Boatswain – (male / female 13 -18)

Dialect required from pirate, Cornish, North Country, Yorkshire to sergeant major…a strong authoritative hardened old sailor, used to giving orders and used to having them obeyed. Understands the sea better then anyone, but is truly tested by this storm.

Juno – (female 11 -17) Sings a solo.

American accent (Like film “Clueless”). Lead singer of all-goddess-girl band, & is prominent in the hip “Goddess” scene. Strong personality – loves being a rock goddess. Gets annoyed when Ceres and Iris try to bust in on her solo. Arrogant, haughty, overbearing.

Ceres – (female 11-17) also sings a solo.

American accent (Like film “Clueless”). Back-up singer in band, but has ambitions to become lead singer. Continually tries to undermine Juno’s authority, but does it slyly.

Iris – (female 11-17) Singer

American accent (Like film “Clueless”). Back-up singer. No ambitions to become lead singer. Bit ditzy and really happy to be part of the bathe cool Goddess scene. Genuinely nice girl. Has tambourine.