Macbeth Character Breakdown

Macbeth Character Breakdown

Macbeth Roles Available

Macbeth (Male 30-40): Pre Cast Chief Hit man. Loyal to the head of the Family, Duncan. Ambitious but unaware how far he might go to get what he wants. Loves the trappings of power but as a result can be easily manipulated.

Lady Macbeth (Female 25-40): Hugely ambitious, prepared to align herself with whoever has the most power. Risk taker, big on appearances, charming but ruthless when pursuing what she wants. Prepared to use politics, sexuality and anything to achieve her ends. Nothing off limits. Anything goes.

Banquo (Male or Female 30-40yrs): Macbeths best friend. Grew up on the same street and started off in petty crime. With Macbeth, joined Duncan’s fold and rose to become one of Duncan’s chief hitmen. Family orientated, dedicated to his/her son. Wants Fleance to have a life outside of crime.

Macduff (Male or female 25 – 45yrs): Up and coming in the syndicate. Speciality torture. Carries medical bag full of tools and instruments. Accepting and content with his/ her standing in the family. Loyal to Duncan and his syndicate. Calm, even- tempered, but when he/she learns of the death of his family retaliates with cold steely vengeance.

Duncan (Male or Female 40-60): Wiley, calculating survivor. Good at assessing the odds. Confident in his /her ability to maintain power. However his/her confidence is becoming a weakness. Too trusting, he/she is unable to foresee friends becoming deadly enemies.

Malcolm: (male or female 16-25 yrs): Being groomed to take over as head of family from Duncan. Spoiled, arrogant, hotheaded… proves himself to be arch-manipulator when he sets Macduff loose on Macbeth.

Donalbain / Young Siward (male or female 15 – 20yrs): Young, impressionable and naive. Attracted to the glamour of crime. Forced to grow up rapidly when exposed to realities of the criminal world. Doesn’t understand the truth of crime until he sees his father dead.

Witch 1 (Male or Female 11 – 15yrs ): Nervous, anxious and edgy. Emotionally unstable.

Witch 2 (Female 18-60yrs): Homeless. Sultry, seductive & manipulative. Tactile and sensual.

Witch 3 (Female 18-60yrs): Homeless drug addict. Impassive, almost emotionless. Has most psychic ability.

Hecate (Male or Female 20-60yrs): Crime boss of the witches. Controls smaller rackets in the city. Demands and receives allegiance from witches, and not afraid to lash out physically when she doesn’t get what she wants. Psychically superior to other witches. She knows everything, as she is the oracle.

Fleance (Male or female 11 – 14yrs): Worships his/her dad. Doesn’t completely understand the business. Kept in cotton wool, protected from the realities of the harsh world. A boy/ girl in a bubble.

Lady Macduff (Female 25-40yrs): Crime wife, well aware of the family’s business. Accountant to the family business. Does the books and counts the cash. Paranoid, edgy and concerned for child’s life and her own.

Porter (Male or Female 30-64yrs): Drunk with shakes. Old style gangster, Washed up Vaudeville comedienne. Think Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire.

Lennox (Male or Female 18 – 32yrs): Duncan’s attendant and personal bodyguard. Alert, hyper aware of surroundings. With secret service feel. Loyal to whomever is boss. Opportunistic & Altruistic.

Ross (male  or Female 18 – 30yrs):  Paranoid, edgy and suspicious of Macbeths meteoric rise. Second body guard to Duncan.

Menteith (Male or female 18-30yrs): Fitness freak, on steroids. Follower not a leader. Concerned primarily with image & self-preservation.

Angus (male or Female 18 – 30yrs): The practical joker. Constantly trying to lighten the mood but understands the seriousness of a life of crime.

Caithness (female 18 – 40 yrs):  Mother figure. Likes to boss around and henpeck other lords (Gang Members).

Murderer 1/ Seyton (Male or female 14 – 25yrs): Young, impressionable, easily led. Street wise and violent. Desperate to break into family hierarchy

Murderer 2 / Captain (Male 15 to 25yrs): Muscle bound thug. The brawn rather than the brains. Idolizes and looks up to Murderer 1. Fearless in a fight. Feels no pain.

Doctor (Male or Female 20-40yrs): Psychiatrist treating Lady Macbeth. Cold, clinical, distant. Completely unsympathetic to Lady Macbeth’s state of being. Takes case notes while observing Lady Macbeth.

Gentlewoman (Female 16 – 30yrs): Psychiatric Nurse…shows real empathy and concern for Lady Macbeth. Can see that she’s suicidal. Really desperate to help.

Son (Male  11 yrs old): Son of Macduth. Concerned and worried for his Father’s welfare. Is being bullied at school because of father’s behaviour. Is totally unaware of the family’s business, and innocent to the ways of the world.