Character Breakdown

Romeo & Juliet

Romeo: Male 15-22 Son of house of Montague. A disenchanted northern beaches youth, committed initially to Emo culture as a way of distancing himself from the Montague/ Capulet feud. Has the soul of a poet, wears his heart on his sleeve but sees red when pushed too far. His passion = Love and rage. Also has fatalistic tendencies.
Juliet: Female 15-20 Daughter of house of Capulet. Young, innocent. Initially obedient, loyal & dutiful to parents, but when love is ignited she is blinded by familial duty and becomes purely focused on Romeo.  Her journey is one of girl to woman…She becomes intoxicated with Romeo to the point of losing her self.
Nurse: Female 40- 60 ‘s rough, lower class, heart of gold and incredibly dedicated to Juliet.  A fun, spontaneous lady who loves a bawdy joke. The nurse is the light- hearted centre of the play. Takes great pleasure from idle gossip and covert dealings…
Friar: Male or female 40 – 60 New age, hippy tendencies. Loves to garden. Definitely religious, but more holistic than God dedicated. Has a delusion of himself as master schemer. Has best intentions but sadly gets it wrong almost every time.
Capulet: Male 30-50 Successful businessman, high-flier, sharp dresser and connected. Works for local Warringah council and is deputy mayor. He’s dedicated to upholding family image. Loves his wife and daughter but more in love with the illusion of the perfect family…. Has a volatile, violent side that rarely comes out, but when it does, watch out!
Lady Capulet: Female 30-50 well dressed, well heeled socialite. Obsessed with self-image. Loves Juliet like a 5 year old loves her doll. Volatile but expresses her anger as ice as opposed to fire. Can be cold.
Montague: Male 30-50 ex surfing champion retired to northern beaches 20 years ago.  Dresses very beach casual. Very relaxed with family and friends but instantly gets his back up when Capulet’s are around.
Lady Montague: Female 30-50. Retired yoga instructor. Like her husband, super relaxed. Very Zen. Dislikes the family feud with Capulet’s but will reluctantly support her husband.
Mercutio: Male or female 15- 25 Party boy, loves his alcohol and stimulants. Not related to Montague and Capulet (cousin to the Prince), but gets along like a house on fire with Romeo and his mates…Mercurial, Impulsive, highly strung and lots of nervous energy. Manic behaviour, can laugh one second and cry the next. Above all hot headed!
Benvolio: Male or Female 14- 20 Dedicated best friend to Romeo. Secretly has a crush on him. Sees herself/himself as peacemaker and will do whatever he/ she can to avoid bloodshed. Surf life saves at North Curl Curl.
Tybalt: Male or female 15 –22 hugely self confident, swaggering biker. Dresses in leathers. Has always hated Montague, doesn’t really know why. Has blindly inherited the family feud. Seems himself as rebel with a cause. Has a thing for Lady Capulet…Sees himself as the one true Capulet, whose purpose in life is to wipe out Montague’s and can’t understand why his family isn’t as hard line.
Prince: Singer Male or Female 20-35 Police Commissioner – what he says, goes. Wants Capulet/Montague feud resolved, but is rapidly losing patience with both sides. High-status, no-nonsense police person – except when he/she breaks into song…
Paris: Male or Female 14 – 20 The Princes young cousin. Young, ambitious, impulsive but business focused. Wants to marry Juliet not just for her but so he can learn business skills from highly successful businessman. Sees Juliet and alliance with house of Capulet as a valuable asset.
Balthasar: Male or Female 11-16 Young, dedicated to Romeo but a little scared of ongoing conflict between Montague and Capulet. Will do anything for Romeo but is as easily frightened.
Peter: 11- 16 Male or female Nice young man, eager to please but as thick as two short planks. Servant to the Nurse..thinks he’s smarter than he actually is….
Chorus: Singer 11 – 40 needs to be able pull off a rap solo. Will rap opening prologue and prologue to act 2.. Think M & M  attitude. Street cred, passionate commitment to truth of lyrics..
Samson: 11-16yrs  male or female Young Montague grommet. When he grows up, wants to be surfing champion of the world…hates Capulet’s, and has a big mouth. Happy to stir things up.
Gregory: 11-16yrs male or female Young Montague grommet. Looks up to Samson, but is terrified of confrontation. Hates Capulets, but hates fighting even more.
Abraham: 11-16yrs male or female Young Capulet, smartly dressed. Looks down nose at beach bum Montagues. Confrontational, confident in his own fighting prowess. Cocky and swaggering. Worships Tybalt and wants to be him.
Friar John: 14-20 yrs male or Female Friar Lawrence’s young apprentice obsessed with Star Wars and the force. Idealistic, eager to serve Friar Lawrence well.
Apothecary: 17-40 yrs male or Female Former Nuclear Physicist. Fallen from grace. Only career path left is manufacturing backyard dodgy drugs.. Completely dogmatic and autocratic, but afraid of getting busted by the police.
3 x Musicians : 11- 20yrs male or Female ( singing ability preferable but do not need to play instrument) Hippie flower children that play eclectic music. Relaxed, peace – loving attitudes but still take offence when prodded by the annoying Peter.
Various Servants: 11- 15yrs Capulet’s servants.