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There are so many Acting Schools offering screen acting classes these days, it’s become a difficult task to make a decision where to go. Learning to act for the camera is a very specific skill that is best taught by professional working actors or directors who communicate there ideas well.


Screen acting is very different to stage acting, and those that have switched from stage to screen often find it difficult to adapt. Regular ongoing acting classes for the camera with qualified teachers will give you the best result. When looking for the best screen acting class to take find out who is teaching that class and do some research on them. Actors with Screen experience who have teaching experience is the way to go.


It is a timely warning as some acting schools( Especially for kids & Teens) offer screen acting classes taught by drama teachers with little or no understanding of acting technique and the skills required specifically for camera acting. Industry standard is something understood by actors,directors & casting directors working regularly in the profession.


Don’t be fooled by schools offering acting classes with “Green Screen Work”  or free “DVD’s” of your work, because these things are largely useless to you, unless you receive the best acting tuition.


Finding the best acting studio with the best screen acting classes may take some time but its worth the search. The Northern beaches Point Break Drama Screen classes, are more affordable than most because of the location in the suburbs of the northern beaches. Point Break Drama offer a variety of screen classes for Teens and Adults and is worth consideration.


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