The Crucible Auditions


The Crucible Auditions by Arthur Miller

Point Break Drama Theatre company presents The Crucible by Arthur Miller in March 2022.  The Crucible is a 1953 play by American playwright Arthur Miller. It is a dramatized and partially fictionalized story of the Salem witch trials that took place in the Massachusetts Bay Colony during 1692–93.

The play will be directed by Point Break Drama Co-Founder Paul Winchester & resident director Blair Cutting.  A tale of revenge, redemption, personal growth, hatred, love, slavery and moral salvation.



The Crucible plays over two weeks on  Mar 3, 4, 5 and 10, 11, 12 at The Star Of the Sea Theatre, Manly.


The Crucible Auditions by Arthur Miller Synopsis

Arthur Miller’s timeless examination of suspicion, revenge and mass-hysteria – cloaked in the infamous Salem witch trials – is proudly brought to life by Point Break Drama Theatre Company. A story arguably more relevant today than ever before, Miller’s portrait of deeply-paranoid village life will amaze with both its language and vivid characters.

The play will feature professional actors Paul Winchester ( Home & Away, The Osiris Child, Infini) & Leanne Mauro ( Home & Away , Crash Palace) in the roles of John & Elizabeth Proctor.


Please read all information on this page thoroughly before applying.

Please read all information on this page thoroughly before applying.



Expectation of Performers The Crucible

Point Break Drama Theatre company expects the highest level of commitment and dedication to the work, and only people interested in excellence need apply . This is not a paid theatre production.


Do not book an audition time if you want to gain audition experience only, or if you know you are unavailable. We appreciate everyone’s time and effort, we expect the same in return.


Participants will be expected to make every effort to attend all rehearsals. Regular rehearsals will be Thursday nights 6.30pm -10pm & Saturdays 2.30 – 6.30pm. There are some all day dress rehearsals. These are compulsory rehearsals. See below for dates.

 In the event of any profit made from ticket sales will be put into future productions.



The Crucible Details

  • Performance & Tech / Dress rehearsal. Dress/ Tech will be Sat 26th Feb ( 9am – 5pm), Tues 1st Mar ( 6pm – 10pm), Wed 2nd Mar for rehearsal( 6pm – 10pm), At Star Of The Sea Theatre Theatre. Performance dates are Mar 3, 4, 5 and 10, 11, 12.  Shows at 6.30pm ( Call time from 5pm)
  • Rehearsals will be held regularly on Thursday nights (6.30pm -10pm) & Saturday’s from (2.30pm- 6.30pm).
  • Extra full day rehearsals to be held on Saturdays. See bottom of this page for details.
  • Free Copy of Script will be provided


The Crucible Auditions 2021 / 2022 details

All auditions will take place on Saturday 4th December, 2021 at the Point Break Drama studio (28 Fisher Rd Dee Why).   To audition please follow the following process carefully:


  1. Prepare a 1- 2min monologue from a contemporary play or another of Arthur Miller’s plays. No longer than 2 mins. You will also be asked to cold read a scene or two from The Crucible on the day.
  2. Email us at with a request for an audition time indicating name, age, contact info, basic performance experience( 4 lines max),  and the name part or parts you would like to audition for.
  3. View the Character Breakdown / Roles available here. 
  4. Please No CV’s at this stage.
  5. Please note applicants under 18 must have parental authorization to audition. A parent or guardian must request an audition time – not the child.
  6. Audition request Deadline is Friday 3rd December (Note: pending availability).
  7. Anyone can audition but positions will be given to the best applicants.
  8. Auditioning is free –  however do not request an audition time to gain audition experience, if you know you are unavailable for the production..
  9. Applicants must arrive 15 mins prior to audition time to fill out information form.
  10. Bring a Head shot & CV to the audition only. DO NOT EMAIL.


Audition Tips

  • Choose a character or characters you feel comfortable presenting.
  • Audition monologues should be short ( 1- 2 mins max).
  • Take us on an emotional / psychological journey.
  • Work on scenes from the play that you will be reading for.
  • Take risks, be brave and bold with acting choices.




Compulsory Tech / Dress Rehearsal week

  • Tech / Dress rehearsal. Dress / Tech will be Sat 26th Feb ( 9am – 5pm), Tues 1st Mar ( 6pm – 10pm), Wed 2nd Mar for rehearsal( 6pm – 10pm), At Star Of The Sea Theatre Theatre.



Dress  Rehearsals ( all Cast / crew):

Saturday 19th February 9am – 5pm at Point Break

Wednesday 23rd February 6pm – 10pm at Point Break

Thursday 24th February 6pm – 10pm rehearsal at Point Break

Saturday 26th February 9am – 5pm rehearsal at Theatre

Tuesday 1st March  at the Theatre

Wed 2nd March 6pm – 10.00pm rehearsal at Theatre



Actors Call time 5.30pm Night 

Thur 3rd march 6.30pm show

Fri 4th March 6.30pm show

Sat 5th March 6.30pm show

Thur 10th March 6.30pm show

Fri 11th March 6.30pm show

Sat 12th March 6.30pm Closing Show



1st read through – whole cast

Thurs 16th December, 2021 6pm – 10pm

Performers will be asked for measurements, to fill out Photo / Performance forms & Performance agreements.



Regular Rehearsal Times

All Cast will need to keep Thursday evenings & Saturdays Arvo /early evenings free for Rehearsals, although not all cast will be required for the entire rehearsal period.

To commence Sat 18th December ( no rehearsals Christmas Day)

Thursdays – 6.30pm – 10pm

Saturdays – 2.30pm – 6.30pm.


Exceptions are the Saturdays listed below

Key Saturday Rehearsals – Whole Cast Required

Sat 15th January 9am – 5pm at Point Break

Sat 5th February 3pm – 10pm at Point Break

Sat 12th February 3pm – 10pm at Point Break

Saturday 19th February 3pm – 10pm at Point Break

Saturday 26th February 9am – 5pm rehearsal at Theatre


These Saturdays will be used for:

workshops  dedicated to understanding and develop character, scene Work & Running of entire Show


COVID – 19 Safety Policy

1.) No one with Cold or Flu like symptoms will be permitted in the venue including students, parents, teachers. Symptoms including but not exclusive to sore throats, runny nose, sneezing & coughing. 

2.) Do not come to class / workshop if you’ve made contact with someone with Covid – 19 in last 14 days.

3.) Windows and doors will be left open to ensure continuous air flow. 

4.) Parent / guardian are not permitted to enter the venue. All students are to be dropped and signed in at the foyer entrance to venue. 

5.) All students must apply hand sanitiser upon entry.

5.) Participants will be sent home if not feeling well

6.) All kitchen surfaces, door handles & knobs will be wiped down with disinfectant before and after class.

7.) Participants must keep safe 1.5 distance from teachers. Adult students must maintain 1.5 metre from each other.

8.) Participants must bring water bottle ( No cups provided). NO sharing of food permitted.

9.) In the event of any future Covid- 19 out breaks / closure of venue / teachers falling sick etc make up classes will be offered on the zoom platform.

10.) Masks will be warn during rehearsals.

11.) In the event of future shutdowns refunds will not be offered. Classes will be offered on zoom.