Acting Classes Sydney

Do you want to fulfill your dream of acting on stage or screen?  This is the place to learn from the best.

At Point Break Drama Acting School, you’ll have access to a vast array of acting classes suitable to any skill level or age.  Our goal is to help you hone your skills so you can have the career of your dreams.  We feature acting classes for adults and children focusing on screen or stage acting.

When you want to connect with the top acting tutors in the business, this is the place to come for acting classes in Sydney.


Point Break Drama features acting classes Sydney including:

  • Adults Stage: This comprehensive program gives you the tools you need to succeed with stage acting.  Our adults’ stage courses target skill levels ranging from beginners to advanced, giving you the best learning experience possible.
  • Adults Screen: If you’ve always dreamed of acting on screen, our adults screen classes are the answer.  This screen-acting program will empower you to take your skills to the screen with tutelage from professional actors.
  • Teens Stage: Learn basic acting technique and hone stage craft.
  • Teens Screen: Taught by professional actors, our teens screen classes will inspire you to master screen acting.
  • Child Stage: We offer children a fun and nurturing environment in which to explore acting on stage.
  • Acting Workshops: Attend workshops including adult workshops and teen / children’s workshops.


Whether you are an advanced actor or you’re just beginning, Point Break Drama is the place to come for acting classes in Sydney.  With professional actors and expert tutors, we’re here to give you the tools you need to succeed in stage or screen acting.  For more information, call us on 0412 676 367.