About Point Break Drama

Point Break Drama Acting School is a acting / performing arts school in Dee why, on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. The brainchild of Adam Stewart and Paul Winchester, Sydney’s Point Break Drama was set up a decade ago, to fill the huge void in acting and singing tuition on the Northern Beaches, by providing an acting school of the highest caliber.

Point Break Drama’s ethos is to provide a nurturing, supportive , fun & inspiring environment for those wanting learn to act on Sydney’s Northern beaches. We fundamentally believe anyone dedicated enough, can over time learn how to act. Point Break Drama challenges it’s students to achieve at the highest level, by identifying each individuals strengths, and building on those. With further training comes a more intense approach, where students learn to self appraise each other and themselves in acting class. By learning acting technique in a positive & constructive environment, we believe students are more empowered to further themselves in life and the industry.

All Drama / acting courses are part-time at Point Break Drama, and are taught by working professional actors with teaching expertise and training local to the northern beaches.


Point Break Drama offers short Drama / acting courses to teenagers, children and adults. Adults can choose from three levels of Acting Beginners for the stage, two levels of advanced theatre acting, and two levels of Screen Acting. Acting Courses for Teenagers run on three days of the week on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday afternoons with different age groups to choose from. Teen / Youth Screen Acting is held on Tuesday afternoons & kids Acting is held on Thursday afternoons.

Most courses are run concurrently with the official school calender for NSW.

Regular Tutors Adam Stewart, Paul Winchester & Matt Charleston are professional actors who have all trained at major prestigious performing arts schools-Theatre Nepean, Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts & NIDA respectively.


Our Methodology


Point Break Drama Course content, is based on elements of several acting techniques including Stanislavski, Meisner & Uta Hagen.  We believe acting technique can be learned by anybody who wants to learn.

All acting classes are practically based, so students get to experience what the teachings intended. Our part-time courses cater for young and old and offer many benefits to the student.


Constantin Stanislavski has probably had the greatest influence on acting, & acting technique the world has ever seen. His system and techniques are used by almost every performer we see on screen or stage today and remains the only comprehensive documented theory on acting. Almost every acting technique used today has its origins somewhere in Stanislavski.

Stanislavski spent most of his life testing and re-testing his theories on acting technique, at the Moscow Art Company and has produced a trilogy of books, which have become the actor’s bible. They are “An Actor Prepares”, “Building a Character” and “Creating a Role”.



All Point Break Drama acting courses and classes are part-time, but offer students a taste of what it is like to be a full-time actor. The benefits from learning acting technique are many and varied. Some of these include public speaking, improved self-confidence, great release and escape from day to day stress, and of course having a huge amount of fun along the way.

We want actors to bring their own individual experiences to any given role that they play, avoiding cliché. Therefore making their interpretation have originality and humanity. If actors connect with their imagination and use their own life experience they will truly become truthful and convincing actors.

Our Resident Playwright

Point Break Drama Acting School is elated to finally have its own resident playwright, Judy Judd-Sandwell. In 2010 co-founder of Point Break Drama, Paul Winchester approached Judy about the idea after an initial foray into the Short and Sweet play festival became a success.

Point Break Drama is determined to provide all students with new opportunities to advance their experience, knowledge and skills of theatre, acting, performance & the industry. This is indeed a rare component for any acting school, and Point Break Drama is lucky to have someone of Judy’s caliber.

Students in Acting 3, 4 and advanced Youth acting will now have the unique opportunity to workshop a brand new play written by a playwright, from infancy through to a polished performance, and World Premiere!

Judy Judd Sandwell

With over 30 years as a professional writer & journalist, Judy Judd-Sandwell is relatively new to play-wrighting. In a very short time she has been very successful. Judy wrote a play called, “Going Down” in late 2009, which Point Break Drama successfully produced and entered into the Fast & Furious short play festival at the Peninsula Theatre Company. Going Down won the audience award and was invited to participate in the Short and sweet short play festival by director, Alex Broun. It managed a third place in the audience vote.

In 2011 Point Break Drama entered two of Judy’s plays into the festival and is currently performing at Short and Sweet 2011. The play, “Dream castle” thus far has won the judges award for its heat and has progressed to the Wildcard final on February 26th. The play, “The Kiss” won the Peoples choice award for its week at the short and sweet festival.

Aussie Theatre.com comments about the play Dream castle:

This ambitious undertaking was well handled by actress Ursula Paddon as she scaled emotions from a doting, girlish Eva to the strong, focused and determined woman. Whilst her accent may have waivered a little it was indeed a strong performance. The play showed convincingly what sacrifices must be made in order to follow such a man unconditionally.

Judy was raised in show business and indeed the theatre is in her blood. Her father, Noel Judd was a popular radio and television personality. Judy spent many hours watching performances from the sidelines, and when older worked on leading television programs, accompanied performing artists on stage tours, wrote biographies for well known entertainers and enjoyed seeing her brother have great success in the film industry. It wasn’t surprising her daughter took to the London stage in a colourful career on the West End.

Its taken Judy more than three decades of life experience to realize her destiny as a playwright!

The old adage, “It’s never too late” is very poignant for Judy and Point Break. Judy is indeed making up for lost time, and Point break drama is thrilled!

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