A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream


Point Break Drama’s production of William Shakespeare’s, A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be a warm, fun & contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare’s most popular comedy with a cast of Teens and young adults.

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Athens City council has authorised the demolition of a well-used nature reserve in the Athens Forest, to make way for a car park- threatening the home and well being of the magical fairies and all living things.

The council workers/ contractors are totally ignorant to the magical creatures abounding the Forrest. Led by Peter Quince and Bottom, the workers spend more time on break – rehearsing a play than getting the job done. All this, so Peter Quince can show to Mayor Theseus to hopefully convince the Mayor that Athens City should get its own theatre.

While all of this is going on, 4 young campers in the park, struggle to find true love-with each wanting what they can’t have. Ironically Oberon, the King of the Fairies & overseer of loving relationships in the park, is at war with his Queen over the possession of an Indian child, and drops the ball.

Eventually the magical Puck is dispatched to perform good deeds to get all the young lovers to be in love with the right people. Only problem is Puck doesn’t always do what he’s told.
Will the young lovers finally get together and will The Athens nature reserve be saved from development?

Featuring:  Joshua Emmelkamp, Anna Ritchie, Adele Samus, Joseph Fuller, Ivan Hui, Jemma Newlyn, Edward Gay, Harry Gay, Arran Burns,Kimberley Schiphof, Katie Sproule,Caitlin Magyar,Inez Curro,Taylor Sheahan,Nicola Denton,Ellen Trimble, Meagan Trimble, Lily Maud Horton, Cecily McCrann,Molly McCrann, Zara Gatland.


Please note that walk-up tickets are available on a first in basis. Cash only. For last minute enquiries call 0412676367.


Entry is by donation.

Please acknowledge the time and effort that is put into a production like this by kindly donating $33 per adult , $27 per child/student(includes booking fee & GST per ticket). Also bookings available for School groups 10 plus at $22 per student(Teachers must contact Point Break Drama first via email on info@www.pointbreakdrama.com.au).


General enquiries call 0412 676 367

Please note only direct deposit & Paypal payments are accepted (no cash or cheque).

Please note we do not do Seating allocation for this event.

Please inform us if you would like wheelchair access via email at info@www.pointbreakdrama.com.au

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