Point Break Drama's 2014 Production, A Midsummer Night's Dream

Point Break Drama’s 2014 Production, A Midsummer Night’s Dream















Point Break Drama’s all teen production of William Shakespeare’s, A Midsummer Ni

is only two weeks away. The show promises to be a warm, fun & contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare’s most popular comedy with a cast of Teens from the Northern Beaches.


Featuring:  Joshua Emmelkamp, Anna Ritchie, Adele Samus, Joseph Fuller,  Jemma Newlyn, Edward Gay, Harry Gay, Arran Burns,Kimberley Schiphof, Katie Sproule,Caitlin Magyar,Inez Curro,Taylor Sheahan,Nicola Denton,Ellen Trimble, Meagan Trimble, Lily Maud Horton, Cecily McCrann,Molly McCrann, Zara Gatland, Blair cutting.

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