Point Break Drama would like to announce the cast for our upcoming production of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. The cast is an all Teen / young adult group full of incredible talent and enthusiasm. The show will be directed by Blair Cutting & Paul Winchester.

The Tempest will be performed for 1 week only from  the 3rd to 7th September. Tickets go on Sale Next week!!

Book A Ticket Here – Tickets Available from Monday 31st June.

Prospero – Holly Matthews

Ferdinand – Ryan Perrot

Miranda – Ruby Tyler

Caliban – Liam O’Neill

Alonso – Charlie Laws

Antonio – Mandela Raj – Seppings

Sebastian – Catherine Gilbert

Trinculo – Sam Ginns

Stephano – Coll Burns

Ariel – Lily Maud Horton

Gonzalo – Michael Hawkins

Adrian / Ceres – Aria Hart

Boatswain – Meisha Burr

Juno – Elora Jolliff

Iris – Ethan Mclaren


A tale of revenge, redemption, personal growth, hatred, love, slavery and – ultimately – coconuts.

Prospero’s quest for vengeance is obsessive, blinding him/her to his own short-sighted – and cynical view of the world. Through his love for his daughter – and his increasing awareness of his treatment of both Ariel and Caliban – he comes to an understanding of not only a humanist world view, but also of himself.

On their cruise home from a royal wedding in Africa, a European ruler and his closest advisors are marooned on an uncharted island.Political wheeling and dealing must take a backseat as their mysterious host – Prospero – carries out a program of what seems to be hell-bent revenge, but soon shifts into something more profound.

Love, loyalties and trust will be challenged as magic takes us into a deeper understanding of what it means not only to be human, but also humane to others.